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Now a days Jathakam is must and common to all people even Muslims and Christian are interested in making Jathakam and hearing predictions from Astrologer.

By analyzing one’s Jathakam a best learned and blessed Jyothishi can predict his changes through out his life. Not only that past ,future and present life can also be predicted.

There are 12 Bhavams in Jathakam and Prassanam

1.Lagna Bhavam:-The rise and fall of one’s life, about the body of a man, Excellency, Beauty, Fortune and prosperity etc
2.Randam Bhavam(2nd Bhavam):-Wealth, Education, elocution, Good and bad words
3.Moonam Bhavam(3rd Bhavam) :-Brothers, Lie time ,Long life ,Courage ,
4.Nalam Bhavam (4th Bhavam):- Mother, House ,Tharavadu, Vehicle, Uncle, Nephew, Nice etc
5.Anjam Bhavam (5th Bhavam) :-Sense, Wisdom, Vigour, Discrimination, dormer birth, Merit, Children, Meekness and gentleness etc
6.Aram Bhavam (6th Bhavam) :-Enemies ,thieves, Impediment, Sickness, disease, Body hurt, Wound, Death, and death through enemies weapon
7.Ezam Bhavam (7th Bhavam) :-Marriage, Love, People, Wife, Husband, Arrival , Meeting, Bed, Bed room, Wife's house, Lost wealth, and Matrimonial etc
8. Ettam Bhavam (8th Bhavam):-Ruin or loss of everything, Danger, Cause of death, Place of death, Servant, Madam, disease and impediment etc
9. Onpatam Bhavam (9th Bhavam):-Destiny, Charity Pity, Mercy, Favor, Merit, Self-mortification, Father, Grand children, Gift, Prayer, Good culture, Good old custom, Guru, etc
10. Patham Bhavam (10th Bhavam):-Temple, town, City, Court, Council, Assembly, Inn, Servant, All source of work, Commanding power, Depend,
11. PatinonamBhavam (11th Bhavam):-All desired, Elder brother, Left ear, Gain, etc
12. Panthirandam Bhavam (12th Bhavam):-Sin, Spending, Hell-Worthiness, Left eye, Demotion, Deformity, Ugly look, etc

From the above explanations you might have got vague idea about Navagraha, stars (Nakshatra) Rasi, Bhavam etc.

Now if you want to make your Horoscope or your children or any of your friends just email the following details

1. Name of the person /Child
2. Date of birth (Both in English and Malayalam)
3. Place of Birth.
4. Day of Birth (Sunday, Monday etc)
5. Name of star if you know
6. Time of Birth (AM/PM)
7. Fathers name
8. Mothers name

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